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Why Tiny Home Living is So Amazing


You’ve seen the shows on cable TV, and perhaps you’ve been thinking about downsizing. Heck, maybe you’ve even toured a tiny house, or stayed in one. Have you seriously thought about moving into a tiny home yourself?


If not, let us try to convince you further. Here are the many reasons why we are in love with tiny home living.


A Tiny Home Travels Well

It’s got wheels! It’s so easy to hitch your home up to a truck and drive it to the next destination. Tiny homes are built in a variety of ways, with many different layouts and features such as coming equipped with rainwater collection and/or solar panels. They are designed to live off the grid, and are well-suited to be placed on plots of land as well as RV parks (like ours!) So you have many options on where you can park it. Just be aware of the local laws regarding tiny home parking, as they tend to differ from state to state.


You Don’t have to Spend a Ton of Money to Build One

There are so many different tiny home designs out there that are very affordable. If you are a DIY hands-on type of person, you can even design and build one yourself – there are lots of guidebooks and tutorials out there on the subject. The only money you have to spend is on materials. But if you’d rather have someone else build it for you, expect to spend anywhere from $20,000 for the base models and up to $50,000 for the larger, more custom design jobs.


You Don’t have to Stress About Future Moves

Just like the full-time RV lifestyle, more people than ever are ditching traditional homes for full-time tiny home living. That means that you can take your tiny home on the road and park it in appropriate spaces, even off-grid, and live the fabulous tiny home lifestyle. Gone is the permanence associated with a regular house or apartment. You’ll be living the life! This is also handy if your job requires you to move around, or even for ditching annoying neighbors!


That said, many tiny home owners buy plots of land to permanently place their tiny home. It just depends on your situation and priorities.


Tiny Homes can be Environmentally Friendly (and Energy Efficient)

As stated above, tiny homes can easily be built with solar panels as well as recycled and salvaged materials. And because the house is small, the energy used to heat and cool it is drastically reduced with the smaller space. Living off the grid is easy using solar and wind resources to give the house power. Installing a composting toilet and a good water filtration system will enable your tiny home to be fully functional and an eco-saving powerhouse!


You can Finally De-clutter Your Life (with less Cleaning, too!)

After living in a traditional home all your life, you’ve no doubt accumulated a ton of stuff. Why not take the opportunity now to get rid of most of it? There are many guides out there that will show you how, as the minimalistic revolution has taken hold. You really CAN take the stuff filling a 2,000 square foot home and pare it down to a 200 square foot home.


A great rule of thumb; if you haven’t used or worn something within the last year, get rid of it. You don’t need it! Want to keep that souvenir or family heirloom? Get a small storage space or leave it with a trusted family member or friend. You’d be surprised at the weight lifted off your shoulders at getting rid of all that unnecessary stuff.


Did you know? At Stone Oak Ranch we welcome your tiny home! Our tiny home spaces are located on a quiet, tree-lined area and rent month-to-month, giving you the flexibility you need to make the most out of tiny home living.

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