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Must-Have Halloween Decorations for Your RV

Autumn is a fun and memorable time to do some camping, and what better way to celebrate the season than to glamp up your RV with some Halloween decorations? If you are camping during October, check out these cool ideas! You will be the hit of the campground.


Silly Skeletons

Your fellow campers will giggle when they pass by your RV site and see a bunch of plastic skeletons in all manner of configurations. Get creative and set them up around your campfire, picnic table, or hammock to make them look as though they are participating in activities. Add costumes, hats, sunglasses, etc. if you really want to go all out!


Halloween Table Covers

Grab some festive table cloths and decorate your picnic table and kitchenette table inside your RV. Fabric tablecloths come in all manner of seasonal favorites and can be easily washed for next year. Add other elements such as Halloween plates, napkins, and utensils.


Seasonal String Lights

String lights these days come in a wide variety of fun shapes and colors, and really add a lot to your festive decorating. Once the sun goes down, turn on the lights and make your campsite come alive for Halloween! But if you want to go the DIY route, try making a ghost garland by tying a white cloth around battery-operated lights and drawing silly or spooky faces with black marker. Hang them on the awning of your RV or around the camp chairs.


RV Door Decals

Themed RV doors make great Halloween decorations. An orange and black wreath or sign adds a simple detail to your door. Or consider adding a door cover with a large jack-o-lantern face, Frankenstein, ghost, or black cat. Add a spooky message such as Do Not Enter or Trick or Treat for extra details.


Graveyard Tombstones

This will add a fun and spooky element to your campsite. Purchase pre-made tombstones at the party store or get the kids involved and make your own with wood or cardboard. Then you can paint or decorate them for a fun activity. Place skeleton or skull body parts on the ground near the tombstones to spook it up a notch.


Spider Webs

This is a simple way to dramatically transform your site. Have fun covering your spaces by stretching the webs, then include some dangly spiders. Or place them in the threads above your RV door.



There are endless ways you can carve and decorate this staple of fall décor. After carving the pumpkin to your liking, place electric candles inside (for safety) and watch them glow. Get the kids involved and instead of using knives, have them paint or use colorful markers to decorate the gourds. See what type of facial expression or artsy scenes you can dream up for your pumpkins.


Creepy Bats and Giant Eyeballs

Need we say more? Plastic bats offer a low-cost and effective way to help decorate your campsite. Go DIY and cut them out of black construction paper, or buy a set from the thrift store. Folding the wings make your bats look like they’re flying. Put sticky glue dots on the back and stick them wherever you want. Eyeballs add fun character to campsite bushes, trees, tents, RVs, and cabins. You can even purchase eyeballs that glow at night!


However you decide to decorate your campsite for Halloween, be sure to respect the campground rules so that everyone can have a safe and fun holiday!

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