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Essential RV Hacks for Cool Weather Camping

Having a few RV tips and tricks up your sleeve during the winter months is essential. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to beat the elements during your RV winter camping trips set you up for having fabulous adventures. RV camping can be especially challenging when the temps drop.

Fortunately, we have gathered some of our best RV winter camping advice to pass on to you!


Finding the Right Power for You

Whenever possible, stay at an RV park or campground that supplies electricity. Shore power gives you lots of options to keep your appliances and plumbing components running and keep you and your crew warm and cozy.

However, if your winter RV adventures take you to more remote locations without power, you will want to bring along a generator. Most larger RVs will have onboard generators that can handle your needs. But if you don’t have an onboard generator, carry a portable one with you. The size of your generator will depend on your electricity demands, so you will want to get one that meets or exceeds those demands depending on the size and needs of your RV.


Park Your RV to Face the Wind

Correctly positioning your RV when parking during cold weather is a good idea. If wind is expected, try to park the RV with either the front or rear facing into the wind. This prevents wind from pushing against the sides of the RV, which increases side-to-side motion – something you don’t want. Also, try to choose a “sunny” spot so that you can harness the power of the sun to melt any ice and snow build-up.


Use Decorative Rugs to Winterize the Interior of Your RV

Likewise, you’ll want to keep heat from escaping the inside of your RV. One quick hack for insulation is to lay some nice rugs on the floor. They add a “homey” vibe and are important for creating and trapping warmth, which also helps to keep your body temperature up.


Get Out that Crock Pot or Insta Pot

When it’s not possible to cook outdoors using a camping stove or outdoor grilling, you’ll want to make some scrumptious meals inside your RV, and the best way to do that is with a crock pot or something similar. You can even do some food prepping before your trip and choose some one-pot meals to make on the road. This recipe for tomato basil pasta is pretty good.


Get Out That Electric Blanket

No more old-fashioned hot water bottles! Opt for keeping an electric blanket for each bed for perfect temperature-controlled heating all night long. Today’s electric blankets come in a wide variety of colors and prints and have safety features that prevent you from overheating. Just be sure to stay safe and unplug them when not in use.


Plan Some Fun Activities to Do Indoors When the Weather is Bad

When a snowstorm, heavy rain, or icy conditions prevent you from taking a day trip, plan a cozy day inside the RV to fend off the boredom. Pack fun books for the kids, games, crafts, movies, and treats to keep you and your crew entertained for hours inside.

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